About Us

Drape-nomics 2.0

Run of the mill is something ARTLESS does not justify, so what exactly is our mainstay? Handwoven, minimalistic, subtle yet reeking of a rich and varied past, unique and quirky are the characteristics woven in each artfully curated ARTLESS product. Seems oxymoronic? Not really because the name stands for the quirk, the paradox of ironies and the universality of the soil that yielded the cotton for the yards. Putting on a shirt or accessorizing your outfit will never be an afterthought once ARTLESS makes its way into your sense of being.

It’s not just a garment, it’s a whole new lifestyle, one that is inspired by the fruit of the farmer’s efforts, the sartor’s artistry and the wearer’s vibe.

Spinning the yard

The finest of cotton and the crème de la crème of silks make it to the artisans work table where they sustainably produce the final masterpiece untouched by machine, nurtured completely by human art and tapestry. Truly each weave of the luxury product that you behold, has a story to tell.

Empowering the artist behind the art

We at ARTLESS strongly believe in the incompetence of machine when compared with the master strokes of a human touch. Local sartors who have kept the traditional art forms such as ikat, ajrakh and kalamkari alive are roped in to produce articles that are unique and anything but “run-of-the mill”.

The country’s vast cultural and artistic diversity such as the works of zardozi, gota
patti, zari, phulkari, banarsi brocade weaves, and meenakari finds utterance in the
transcendental works of art.

Honouring the Yin & Yang

Much like in life, the balance between honoring the masculine and feminine equally must be maintained. Each sharara or feminine Indian suit, meets its match in a well cut set of shirt and trousers.

Panache and élan, the epitome of a sartorial epiphany echoes in every masterpiece that you choose to drape your silhouette or run your fingers through. Rediscovering the royal in the bourgeois, the classy in the mundane is what ARTLESS artfully accomplishes.

Nurturing Nature

Reckless, indiscriminate fashion is something we stand firmly against. Sustainably grown materials that are organically produced and sourced from the region’s best make way to the artisan’s table.

Tapestry for the soul

Much like the drapes for thy silhouette, thy abode needs sustenance too! Home décor collectibles
that speak volumes about the persona and elegance of the master fit in artfully in the caverns of Artless.